IVPL Partnership

Available Opportunities

Naming / Title Sponsorship

Brands that work together for this category, are entitled to be a name or title of the tournament to be held. The main tournament of IVPL is the FIFA19 11vs11 or Pro Clubs game.

Premium Sponsorship

Brands that cooperate in this category, will continue to participate in the entire series of IVPL activities for one full season (one year).

Official Partner

A brand that will always be the main support in the running of tournaments in IVPL. Garena Indonesia is one of the official partner examples of the IVPL Rise series.

Media Partner

Collaboration between IVPL and the media to disseminate all information about the tournament, related to brand awareness and exposure.

Talent Management

IVPL provides and provides professional esports athletes, under IVPL management.

Event Organizer

IVPL holds esports tournaments in both online and offline formats, and consumers can enjoy them through live broadcasting or live streaming services.

The Benefits

Increase brand awareness

Competitive gamers

Unlimited amount of opportunity

Become official partner

Become media partner

Exclusive talent management


Air Mineral Prim-A



McDonald’s Indonesia



PS Enterprise



Garena Indonesia



Goal Indonesia

Media Partner

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